Cancer New Moon

A dark sky in the late degrees of cancer. A second new moon in the sign that can hold so much space and take up so much time. Like a baby in the womb. The late degrees of any sign show a more saturation of that element. Late degrees of water signs can be veryContinue reading “Cancer New Moon”

The Personal planets

The sun, moon, and smaller planets- Venus, mercury, and mars make up the character/ psychology. Glyphs- Are the character- the WHAT? Planets- the players- the WHO? Houses- the stage- the WHERE? Aspects- the connection/energy- the WHY? Synastry- the interpretation- the HOW? The planets are measured by the earth rotating around the sun. Earth> solid Water>Continue reading “The Personal planets”


Modality of the sign is the way energy is being expressed. Cardinals Get things started. Dynamic energy. they are ambitious, initiative, impatient Fixed The push! Stays and nourishes incredible amount of energy but calm on outside. Energy kicked. Good at maintaining. Mutable Translational States Entertaining two different ideas. Different sides to them. Not good atContinue reading “Modality”

Last shards

We are heading towards leo season. Wow. What a strut of death down that runway of Cancer. Some of us might not recover. welcome in the Good, whatever you need to release today. Sit-eyes closed. And breath in for 5 And out for 6. Center and ground. While raising in frequency. Why do this? Because,Continue reading “Last shards”

Woo-woo talks

Streaming from LOVE. Hidden pulses and sensations drive us to crazy places. I love to talk about all things spiritual, philosophies, religions, gematria, hidden knowledge, deep talks, poetry, and personal experiences. Let us have fun at this sickening pool party. My chickadees 🐥

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