Cancer New Moon

A dark sky in the late degrees of cancer. A second new moon in the sign that can hold so much space and take up so much time. Like a baby in the womb. The late degrees of any sign show a more saturation of that element. Late degrees of water signs can be very painful.

hard, tedious work is to be done. But a lot of success and payout is waiting. Just waiting to hand you that baton. Just take it!

“Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto” – Terence “I think nothing human is alien to me.” Terence was a slave and handed to a Roman politician and from that politician- was set free! He became one of the greatest play writes.

Cancer has a story line of some trauma. Father figure missing, family issues, someone betrayed them. In esoteric law. Cancer is important to master( the human condition) feelings. If you can learn to forgive- what a beautiful thing love is. Love sets you free from that moment of darkness. Someone loves you. Whether you believe in it or not. Something loves you as they continue to breath in and out. Dues were paid and you got here.

Looking around with all the pain, uncertainty, fear, and crisis. We are all waking up!

Oh no! How long have I been asleep?

remember who you are and where your power and love lies. I ask my guides to cut away any lower vibrational cords trying to string me in or take me out of grace.

If you keep walking away from situations because you’re emotionally tapped out. Deal with emotions and heal them-you Will keep going into situations until you solve it thinking you’re creating another island safe from harm, only to see that it is the same guise. Until you solve it, by growing.

don’t sit- you done lost a leg. But do not sit there and tear all the other limbs.You are staying in the war zone! Get out! Some people like sitting on the land mines. Next thing you know you lost your*willpower *your compassion *your passion *your style *your grace- losing so much of yourself for yourself.

That’s not your nature to be hateful, to be angry. To be hurt, to be in indifferent. BUT those are the things we have to go through and honor. To wanna be better for ourselves.

Feel your feelings. How are you using them?

Many of us will rob ourselves of our own love and happiness to move.

“you can plan a pretty picnic but you can’t predict the weather“ The weather that comes into your life as a result of the nature of your behavior.

how do you ground yourself? Being practical in the sense that what you practice in your life and what you do is what effect you’ll have. Opposed to the theory and idea that it’s all roses when-its entertaining bullshit.

My hand over my heart. Over yours. Mucho mucho Amor!

Published by geminially

I’m a beginner entrepreneur. Wanting to provide excellent service in helping people of all walks of life. Expanding my horizons and those I encounter.

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