Last shards

We are heading towards leo season. Wow. What a strut of death down that runway of Cancer. Some of us might not recover.

welcome in the Good, whatever you need to release today. Sit-eyes closed. And breath in for 5 And out for 6. Center and ground. While raising in frequency.

Why do this?

  • Because, restoration and self-care are essential virtues. Have the courage to take responsibility “for the time you take up, and the space you occupy.” Maya Angelou.

Be aware of the environment you immerse yourself in. What’s the energy you are putting out and surrounding yourself with?

We all are more alike, then we are different.

  • We look to various people, places, things, and ideas.
  • We all kill each other, and love each other.
  • We are the creation. The whole is bigger then, the sum of its parts.

Everything unconsciously builds in thee unconscious. Until it manifests itself into the physical A.k.a Energy.

Energy can nether be created nor destroyed. You are constantly being replaced. The divine of the cellular structure is different when you move on, then what you started with.

Destruction is the very nature of this existence. Seeking through the lense of modesty or pride?

Card 1: 4 of water. Open yourself to the possibilities and release any self distortions.

Card 2: Ace of fire. Aces are new beginnings, change your life now! Liberate yourself from unpromising ventures and people. An event that you know is necessary to clear stagnation, inertia, and restrictions. Don’t repeat past mistakes.

Card 3: 10 of cups. Can you prioritize each moment. Each breath means so much. Love = Evolve

“life brings to you what you need. There is perfect justice in hell.” Don Miguel-Ruiz (The Mastery of Love) You have to look at what you believe, the way you judge yourself, the way you victimize yourself.

Card 4: Queen of wands. Caring and self- sacrificing. Learn to mediate and be the one who listens. It’s ok that your being honest but sometimes no one wants to hear your honest opinions. Learn to say your sorry. Move energy. Exercise is exorcism.

Card 5: 2 of Hazards. Balance, harmony, keep an eye on responsibilities. Many distractions. Focus!

Card 6: the Star. This is the outcome. You are on track! For the important things in life while good luck( living under correct knowledge) bring new opportunities! Take minute to reveal in your glory and level up!

Published by geminially

I’m a beginner entrepreneur. Wanting to provide excellent service in helping people of all walks of life. Expanding my horizons and those I encounter.

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