The Personal planets

The sun, moon, and smaller planets- Venus, mercury, and mars make up the character/ psychology.

Glyphs- Are the character- the WHAT?

Planets- the players- the WHO?

Houses- the stage- the WHERE?

Aspects- the connection/energy- the WHY?

Synastry- the interpretation- the HOW?

The planets are measured by the earth rotating around the sun.

  • Earth> solid
  • Water> liquid
  • Air> Gaseous
  • Fire> Plasma


  • Good at visualizing. Creative ideas, spark of life, tied with identity, and self expression.


  • Very practical, physical sense, a greater appreciation of the material world.


  • Needs ideas and people to communicate, mental, not grounded, full of ideas.


  • Not very visual with expressing but deeper. Very good at feeling, but can get lost in sensitivity.

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