Modality of the sign is the way energy is being expressed.


  • Get things started.
  • Dynamic energy.
  • they are ambitious, initiative, impatient


  • The push!
  • Stays and nourishes
  • incredible amount of energy but calm on outside.
  • Energy kicked.
  • Good at maintaining.


  • Translational States
  • Entertaining two different ideas.
  • Different sides to them.
  • Not good at maintaining, always changing.

Masculine/ Feminine.

not that planets or energy’s have a sexual organ like a penis or vagina. But the deeper meaning behind this Negative and Positive charge. πŸ“€πŸ“₯

Active and passive energies. Air πŸ’¨ and Fire πŸ”₯ are masculine. Earth 🌎 and Water πŸ’¦ are feminine. Yin and yang. The yin’s are 🌍/ πŸ’¦

the yangs are πŸ’¨/ πŸ”₯

Next time we will dive into the personal planets πŸͺ

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